The hunt for old Nazis escaping justice continues but is Emil’s new deputy spying on him?

1982 and with the loss of the Falklands war causing the Argentinian junta to act like a wounded animal ready to strike, Detective Inspector Emil Vazquez of the Buenos Aires police is sent on an unexpected mission: assist the Brazilians in the hunt for wanted Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele.

A surprise considering Emil knows Auschwitz’s infamous Angel of Death is being protected at the highest levels. What is the junta up to now? And who is the well-dressed stranger with an even stranger accent working with the Rio de Janeiro police? CIA? MI5? Mossad?

The inspector’s own police force is also acting suspiciously – Captain Gomez’s niece is Emil’s new deputy. Has Laura been sent to spy on him? And what’s with her uncanny ability to second-guess Emil’s every move? Laura seems committed enough to putting Mengele behind bars, but with key figures like the chief of police suspected Nazi sympathisers, is Emil dragging Laura into the same junta trap?

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