So, Richard and Sarah find themselves the unwitting ‘ingredients’ in Perry’s latest attempts to create a melting pot of world happiness. But the boy isn’t the only savant, and when our hapless heroes discover an African war criminal is using a ‘super-savant’ to impose his version of global order, it looks as if Utopia is going to have to wait.

Oh well, at least the US president seems happy now he’s managed to wrestle back control of his nanobots from the UN, but what if a higher power has decided otherwise?

Thought-provoking paradoxes abound in this latest addition to the ‘Condition’ series. What have a small-town thug, an old pagan witch, and the return of a mysterious professor of neurological medicine got to do with the future of existence?

Ready to have not just your mind but the multiverse ‘corrected’ too?

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