Fake news. Alternative facts. Truth, lies, damn lies and statistics. Just who are we to believe? In this near-future dystopia, that will be United Nations Police “moderators”.

Thirty-year-old UNPOL officer Richard Warren has been embedded with the BBC, and not seeing eye-to-eye with journalist Sarah Dyer is just the start of his problems. News of an Ebola pandemic is being withheld, and when it’s discovered Sarah’s savant brother is involved, Richard’s determination to expose the truth takes an unexpected turn. But what if the truth must never be known?

And Richard thought Sarah was a challenge. What turns out to be a manufactured virus doesn’t kill – it changes how people think. Can President Elon J Gatesberg be stopped from infecting the world with his ‘alternative truths’, or is the settling of Richard and Sarah’s differences proof it’s already too late?